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 Affordable Carbide Threading & Grooving Inserts

Enjoy long-lasting performance with durable and precise carbide threading and grooving inserts from Carbide Grinding in Houston, Texas. We utilize the best carbide with different body styles on the market to construct our tools and offer the most competitive prices to our customers.

Threading & Grooving Inserts

We make and distribute our own brand of carbide threading inserts to ensure their quality. The price range of our threading and grooving inserts ranges from $5.00 to $100.00.

Quick Turnarounds

Unlike big manufacturers, we never sacrifice quality or run into any issues with back orders. We even run two shifts to help expedite deliveries to our clients.

Our Inventory

At Carbide Grinding, we are constantly adding new items to our line, so check back often. Every day, someone sends us prints for a special order, which is why custom orders make up about half of our business. For special-made products, we have 10 to 12 different styles and shapes of inserts to choose from, including the following:

• Top Notch • V-Bottoms • API Threaders • On-Edge Triangles • Lay-Down Triangles

Contact our carbide insert manufacturer in Houston, Texas, to learn more about our expedited shipping and product guarantee.